Dr. Valbona Nushi Stavileci

Pediatric Specialist

Pediatrician and subspecialist for Nephrological problems of children. She is a pediatrician since 2007. Specialized in Prishtina and certified for subspecialist training in pediatric nephrology in Great Britain at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, in London during 2010. Completed the dialysis course at the Royal Free Hospital in London. 

During this period, trained for specialized treatment of children with urinary tract and kidney problems, starting from the most common problems such as urinary tract infections, glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndromes, tubular kidney problems, renal hypertension, hydronephrosis, congenital renal and urinary tract abnormalities, renal insufficiency and renal replacement therapy, dialysis, plasmapheresis, post-transplant care. Has completed the course for performing kidney biopsy in Leipzig, Germany. 

She has also completed subspecialist training on bladder function problems, incontinence, urinary incontinence in children and specialized treatment of children with Spina bifida – Myelomeningocele, ongoing training by the Swedish team at Linkoping University. Has completed education and is Certified for Master, Pediatric Nephrology, IPNA ESPN Master Classes. 

Applies the new diagnostic method of Reflux Vesicoureteral with the application of ultrasound and contrast, a safe procedure for the child and completely without radiation. For four years she was the Coordinator of the national group for evaluation of Pediatric Hospital Services, led by WHO and Ministry oh Health. Active participant in international conferences and training courses.

Works as a consultant at  European Clinic in Gjakova.

Email: valbona_n@hotmail.com.