Biochemical-Hematological Laboratory “Ndriçimi” was born from a wish to have a non-public health institution with the highest possible standards. After specialization in the field of clinical Biochemistry Dr. Arbërore Koshi started this initiative in 2006 and created  “Ndriçimi” laboratory, a health institution which operates in the field of laboratory examinations and since its beginning executed a wide range of  tests.


In 2007 the laboratory expands in space and new modern equipment. From its beginning is committed in providing high professional and quality services in the field of medical laboratory diagnostics, with the sole purpose of preserving and protecting the health of the patient and raising the level of health.

During the years that followed, the manner of performing the tests has been developed. Today everything is different, starting from increasingly sophisticated instruments used by a more technically prepared staff. In 2016 began a new chapter called “European Clinic”, a collaboration with obstetric and gynecological clinic “Arba” led by Dr.Aida Kumnova. “European Clinic” a hospital where would be offered the most complete services for its patients.



The laboratory is always in time with the new world trends of medicine and always aims at meeting the requirements and expanding the range of services with the sole purpose of meeting the needs of our patients. Our laboratory is equipped with the latest medical devices, thus responding to the demands of modern medicine. If in beginning we only conducted 20 tests, today we manage to conduct 500 tests.


European Clinic Lab is a leader in its field of action.                                                                

Our basic principles are: efficiency, correctness, and delivering results in a confidentiality way. Daily quality control is a primary importance, so every day, before we start analyzing patient materials, all devices in the laboratory are checked and calibrated.

The staff of the European Clinic Lab counts two biochemistry specialists, two biochemistry bachelors, two application biologists and eight laboratory technicia