about us

Our clinic history is relatively new but brimming with success.


Our history in the health sector began in 2006, respectively 2007 in the city of Gjakova where after completing her specialization in the field of gynecology and obstetrics, Dr. Aida Kumnova established the obstetric and gynecological center “ARBA” with the mission to diagnose and treat patients in the field of gynecology according to European best practices.

At the same time Dr. Arbërore Koshi after completing the specialization in the field of Clinical Biochemistry, established a laboratory named “Ndriçimi” that operates in the field of laboratory examinations and since its inception, it performs a wide range of tests from clinical chemistry, hormonal, immunological with the technology and the latest methods.

Once they had reached a peak and each of them had proven itself in its profession, and definitely needed a greater space for action. They decide to join forces and so the project “European Clinic” started, a clinic in which they will offer complete services needed for patients. 

The successful result in the field of gynecology and primary health followed by our hard work, commitment to develop our staff professionally and then came the moment of success, inauguration of the European Clinic, which opened its doors on 01/02/2016 with an area of 1600 m2. A successful story after a tireless work, the place where the care for women’s reproductive health took a completely different direction, with the mission to become a world class brand in Health sector.

The hospital will surprise you as soon as you enter. The interior is not only stylishly designed, but also offers the patient plenty of space to feel comfortable and relaxed with a bright and friendly atmosphere.

Today the “European Clinic” is one of the most modern private clinics in the region and an example of successful storytelling in the health sector with medical services according to themodern protocols in the treatment of patients. The medical team using modern methods and techniques is available to patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
On June 16, 2017, “European Clinic” marked another success, it was licensed by the Ministry of Health of Kosovo to perform medical assisted fertility (IVF) Services. Expertise obtained at the “American Hastanesi” Hospital in Istanbul, at the field of Human Reproduction and Embryology.  A journey started in 2016 that contains many scientific and professional challenges which ended with great success, under the leadership of the well-known embryologist Basak Ballaban, who is one of the most famous embryologists in Turkey and the leader of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology ESHRE in the Department of Embryology. At the same time, the opportunity was created for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and education with the medical team in general. A cooperation, which for us represents the raising of standards in the treatment and implementation of all the most modern technologies and protocols and placement of Kosovo on the global map.


With a team of over 60 proven medical professionals led by Dr. Aida Kumnova, who is the only female leader in this field, makes our hospital a regional health reference center for all patients, offering all professional and technical, with a network connected to international hospitals. The modern spaces of the European Clinic are built and organized according to international standards, starting from the treatment of female infertility, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Surgery, Neonatology, Urology as well as the Biochemical Laboratory led by Dr. Arbrore Koshi which is also ranked as the best biochemical laboratory in Kosovo. With two operating rooms and technological possibilities of our hospital enable the accurate diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Our work is constantly focused on implementing the latest technologies in medicine. The highest level of comfort is achieved with hospital rooms that are specially designed to provide patients with maximum comfort during their treatment. In a pleasant atmosphere for patients and their needs, the team of nurses who are experienced and adequately trained takes place, which are focused on the individual care of each patient.
European Clinic is committed to provide you with special attention and care in our services.


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