Prim.Med.Dr.Sci Ali Iljazi


Born in Gjakova in 1949.There he finished elementary and high school with an excellent success. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Sarajevo in 1973 also with great success. For his success achieved during the studies he was decorated with “Golden sign of the University of Sarajevo”, as the most successful and distinguished student at this University. 

He completed his specialization in the field of internal medicine in Sarajevo in 1979, also with much success and special thanks. In 1987 he was honored with the title primaries. While in 1988 he defended the title of doctor of medical science at the University of Novi Sad. In the former Yugoslavia for the first time he discovered the testing with carbachol as a more sensitive bronchoprovocation test (Dose-response curve-PD100 Raw).

He was the first one in Kosovo to apply bronchodilator testing with organic powders. To this day he has published over 80 scientific works from the medical field, published in various journals and which are referred to various congresses and seminars, as well as the monograph “Bronchoconstriction tests in the diagnosis of bronchial hyperactivity.” He has given scientific lectures in all Albanian lands as well as in the diaspora, as well as at the Balkan University in Skopje and Stul, Tetovo, England, Germany, Switzerland, etc. He has been presented with scientific topics in many congresses in Kosovo, former Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Germany, etc. When the university of Gjakova “Fehmi Agani” opened in 2013 he was elected acting Dean as well as lecturer in Faculty of Medicine. 

For his tireless work of 40 years and contribution to medicine he was decorated with the Medal of Merit for the People.  The public gratitude of the deserved citizen of Gjakova, the silver and gold badge of the Kosovo Red Cross as well as a series of other recognitions. Prim.dr.sc.med. Ali F. Iljazi worked at the “Kosovo Occupational health Institute”, in Gjakova, where he retired in June 2014. Today he practices his profession in the European Clinic Hospital Kosova as an Internist / Pulmonologist.