Ndriçim Koshi

Master of Science in Laboratory Biochemistry

Ndriçim Fatos Koshi born in Gjakova in 1993, where he finished elementary and high school with an excellent success. Continued his bachelor studies in Biochemistry at the Faculty of Resonance in Prishtina and managed to complete his studies on time and successfully, where he received the title of Bachelor of Biochemistry, at the same time he is committed to completing a master’s degree in the same field.  

He started working as a resident at the laboratory of the university during his studies, and after finishing, he started as a resident at the Kosovo Occupational health Institute in Gjakova.  Immediately after receiving the license, he continued to work in the “NDRIÇIMI” Laboratory, where he managed to improve even more in the field of biochemistry both theoretically and practically. In 2004 foundation of a new hospital began, where he supervised full of ambition where everything ended successfully. Today he is one of the Hospital managers, as well as the head of the laboratory at EUROPEAN CLINIC LAB. 

During these years he participated in various trainings and congresses inside and outside the country such as Albania, Italy, Switzerland, Dubai, Greece which helped and motivated him even more to practice his profession and also encouraged him to equip himself with other modern and highly advanced apparatus, which have already become part of the laboratory and perform a variety of analyzes in various fields for a short period of time. His goals will not stop there, where he is continuing with the commitment and continuous introduction of the latest technology in our country