Dr. Arbërore Koshi

Clinical Biochemistry Specialist

She finished the high school in Gjakova, and the Faculty of Medicine in Prishtina with a very good success. She completed her specialization in Prishtina at the Institute of Clinical Biochemistry with high success. 

During her time of specialization 2004-2005, she was trained at the Institute of Clinical Biochemistry in Skopje as well as in other clinics, such as Gynecology clinic (also in various apparatus for the production of hormones, tumor markers, etc.), Pediatrics clinic (specific analysis for children, chlorine in sweat, etc.), clinic of Neurology, Infectious Diseases Clinic etc. 

After completing her specialization, she started working at Kosovo Occupational health Institute as a clinical biochemist. In 2006 she founded Hematological Biochemical Laboratory what was a new impetus to her work. In addition to many parameters that were done in the laboratory, such as substrates, enzymes, hormones, tumor markers, etc., she began new training in Tirana to work on allergen tests, helicobacter pylori, which was one of the first laboratories in Kosovo where these tests were performed. 

After 10 years of tireless work, the second laboratory was opened within the “European Clinic” hospital, which has been operating for 3 years under her leadership. The next training in the Double / Triple test which were necessary for the new hospital. She has attended many other trainings in various European centers such as Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Milan, Istanbul, etc